Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday tomorrow DTC

So many acronyms... its crazy but this one is a biggie.. it is the day our dossier - Notarized, Certified, and Authenticated goes to China!!!!!!! So very exciting.  Our part is nearly done.  At this stage - the dossier gets translated then goes to committee.. I am praying for favor.  Will you join us??? We have been miraculously gifted with all the funds so far. Isn't God gracious?!!! Thank you to each of you that have gifted us with your resources and prayers.
My agency received their last payment today and now we wait for Travel.  It will be a long wait.. maybe 6 months or so.  Please join us in prayer for patience and God's continue provision. 
My sweet friends and I have been making bracelets to help fund this journey and we have recently added domino necklaces!!! I have put pictures here...

Aren't these fun???
This Saturday my sweet friend is hosting a Make some Earrings Party. We are ever so grateful for all those that have journeyed with us so far...
So we have just the travel section left to pay for and this is the breakdown:
Orphange fee - $6000
Travel Expenses - $10,000

That is where we sit - resting in God's rich provision and gloryifying His Holy Name!!!!

Please continue to pray for us and our little guy waiting for his family that he doesnt know yet.....

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